You see, I believe we have a choice. We can choose to be safe and lead a really boring life. Or we can choose to live a life of significance - a life that takes risk for the sake of changing the world.
— Noel Yeatts, author of Awake, Vice President of World Help
Awake Book.png

How it all began...

In college, I randomly received the book Awake by Noel Yeatts.  Noel's father is the founder of World Help, the organization where all Catalyst Pop profits are donated.  I devoured each word in just a few short days.  The message transformed my entire perspective on life.  My eyes became truly opened to the needs of this hurting world.  I was awakened.  The author presented this challenge - 

"May we find ourselves awake and doing a world of good."

I asked myself how I could begin doing a world of good now that I was awake.  The mission of Catalyst Pops was then born.

A few months later, I hopped on a plane to Ghana.  The mission of Catalyst Pops journeyed with me to the beautiful continent of Africa.  Out of all the amazing experiences I had on this mission trip, nothing compared to using my own arm strength to provide clean, fresh water to villagers in the African bush.

Every time I reflect on my trip, I know with everything in me that the good Lord is calling me to awaken Americans to the desperate needs of the surrounding world.  He is calling me to be the voice of the sufferers far away.  He is calling me to be the voice of the thirsty.